Simplify your shipping with our multi carrier shipping software

Simplify your shipping with our multi carrier shipping software

If you sell online, you know how tricky shipping can be—different rates, confusing options, and managing multiple orders. That's why we've created a multi-carrier shipping software that simplifies everything and saves you time and money.

Easy integration with your online store

We connect to your e-commerce stores through one of our integrations. Once connected, your orders flow directly into one dashboard. No more jumping between sites or manual entries. You print a label, and we take care of the rest, making sure your orders get fulfilled without you lifting another finger.

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Great for Etsy sellers

Etsy’s great for creators, but it only offers USPS for shipping, which can limit your options. Our software brings more choices—UPS and FedEx too—right into your workflow. Plus, unlike Shopify, we arrange free pickups when you print labels through our platform, which can be a game-changer if you're managing a busy shop.

Competitive pricing with major carriers

One of the best parts about our software is getting access to competitively priced rates from major carriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx. You can compare costs directly through our dashboard, ensuring you always get the best deal possible. This can significantly cut down your shipping expenses and help you offer better shipping rates to your customers.

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All your orders in one place

Our centralized dashboard is a game changer. It gives you a single place to view and manage all your orders from Etsy, Shopify, and any of the other integrations we offer. This means less time spent sorting through orders and more time growing your business.

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Why choose our shipping software?

  • Multi-carrier options: More flexibility to ship with multiple carriers.
  • Direct integration: Connects directly with your e-commerce platforms like Etsy and Shopify.
  • Automated fulfillment: Automatically fulfills orders when you print a label.
  • Competitive rates: Access to the best shipping rates from major carriers.
  • Centralized dashboard: Manage all your orders from one place.

Using our multi-carrier shipping software not only makes your shipping process easier but also improves your efficiency and can help grow your business. It's designed for e-commerce sellers who need a reliable, straightforward way to handle shipping without hassle. Give it a try and take the stress out of having to manage orders from multiple stores.

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