Empowering Makers: Connecting Makers with Small Businesses Nationwide

Empowering Makers: Connecting Makers with Small Businesses Nationwide

In today's fast-paced business landscape, where technology has revolutionized operations, handcrafted products still have their place. Despite the rapid growth of global markets and advanced manufacturing technology, there's still robust demand for handcrafted, artisanal products. However, for makers, the challenge often lies in finding the right businesses that value their unique skills and expertise. This is where Distro comes to the forefront, providing an innovative solution that connects makers with small business owners. Our platform not only simplifies the making, packing, and shipping process but also empowers makers to scale their businesses while fostering a thriving maker network.

Expanding Opportunities for Makers Nationwide

Our SaaS platform acts as a pivotal conduit, uniting makers and small business owners, thereby changing how makers explore job opportunities. In the past, location limited makers to local markets. With our platform, these limitations dissolve, opening up a wealth of opportunities for talented makers across the United States.

Here's how our platform makes a significant impact:

  • Expanding Horizons: Our platform empowers makers to showcase their skills, portfolios, and expertise to a nationwide audience. Makers are no longer restricted to local markets; they can now attract clients from various states, regions, and industries.

  • Diverse Job Opportunities: Small businesses perpetually seek distinctive, high-quality products to set themselves apart. Our platform simplifies their quest for skilled makers capable of crafting custom-made items tailored to their precise requirements.

  • Supporting Makers: Our commitment to the maker community runs deep. We provide a wealth of tools and resources that aid makers in expanding their businesses, efficiently managing projects, and excelling in their craft. Our dedication to the maker network is unwavering.

Building a Thriving Maker Network

Our dedication goes beyond mere connections; it centers around providing makers with the tools they need to independently grow their businesses and thrive in their chosen domains. Here's how we're committed to helping build a robust maker network and work towards better connections:

  • Empowering Makers: We believe in empowering makers to take control of their own success. Our platform offers you the opportunity to grow your business independently, providing the visibility and tools you need to reach a broader audience.

  • Open to All: We welcome makers of all experience levels, from long-time experts to those just starting out. Anyone with a desire to make products for small businesses can join our platform and explore opportunities.

  • Continuous Improvement: We are continually working to enhance connections and opportunities for makers. As we grow, we are actively exploring ways to build better connections over time, fostering a stronger, more supportive maker network.

In conclusion, in a world marked by technology, the artistry of craftsmanship remains in demand. As automation and robotics increasingly dominate production processes, the value of handcrafted, "made by human" products will continue to rise and arguably, be more valuable than they ever have, as consumers seek authenticity, uniqueness, and the human touch in the products they purchase. Our SaaS business is dedicated to bridging the gap between makers and small business owners throughout the United States, reshaping how they make, pack, and ship products. Through our platform, we aim to empower makers, support their independent growth, and cultivate a flourishing maker network that spans the US and beyond.

If you're a maker looking to expand your reach or a small business in pursuit of unique, handcrafted products, join our thriving community and join us on a journey to redefine the way makers connect, thrive, and contribute to the world of American entrepreneurship.

If you're a maker looking to make products for others, you can join our maker network here:


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