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We're a manufacturer + distributor in one. Plus, we connect directly to your e-commerce store and fulfill orders as they come in. Kind of like print on demand, but for handmade wood products, YOUR handmade wood products.

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1. The product

First, tell us what you want to make. We'll find the right makers for the job, in regions closest to your customers to reduce shipping costs as much as possible.

We have a pool of highly qualified makers to choose from, but we'll look outside our network if we have to, to make sure we have the best fit.


2. Samples

Once we've found potential makers for the job, we'll send you samples to ensure that we're meeting your standards and most importantly, that what your customers receive is the quality you expect.

We have plenty of experience going through this process, so we'll walk you through it every step of the way.


3. Connect to your store

After you're satisfied with the samples, we connect directly to your store so when orders come in for those products, we make, pack, and ship them right to your customer. We connect to all the major e-commerce platforms, including Etsy and Shopify.

Congrats, your production is now on auto-pilot.


4. Long term

Now that we're connected to your store and your production is running, we can work with you to easily launch new designs. We just repeat the sample process and add those new products to the rotation. We'll increase capacity as needed.

Since we're made to order, you can add or remove products from your catalog without risk of burning inventory. Keep launching until you figure out what sells, without any risk.

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