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Put your production on auto-pilot

With Distro, you can utilize the benefits of distributed manufacturing on day 1. No need to lease commercial space, buy more inventory, or buy more equipment. Expand to new markets in less than a month and finally offer free shipping nationwide. Save up to 60% on shipping by hiring makers from anywhere to make, pack, and ship your products directly to customers, made seamless with Distro.



When you get a new order, simply assign it to your maker.

With orders, you can see:

  • When orders were assigned, completed, and shipped
  • Tracking information
  • Product information


Create products and variants with ease. You can even choose to display your variants as individual products, in case you only carry a few.

On each of your product pages, you'll be able to:

  • Add product documentation and specs
  • Add product weight and package sizes
  • Add the fees you'll pay makers when your products are shipped


Once your makers are ready to ship an order, they print a label with the click of a button. No manual input - we add the customer's address and package info so they don't have to.

When a label is printed, we also:

  • Send email confirmations to you and your customer
  • Add tracking information to the order
  • Timestamp when it was printed


After an order has a label, Makers can schedule a pickup to have it picked up at their location, for free. Yes, free pickups!

With pickups:

  • You know when packages are shipped
  • Makers get paid
  • Makers don't have to leave their location to send orders out


All payouts are automated. After Makers schedule a pickup, they get paid automatically based on the fee amount you added to your products.

Payouts are:

  • Made with Stripe
  • 1099 compliant

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