Scale and stay handmade

You don't need to make products in a factory to scale your handmade business. Hire us to work with skilled woodworkers from across the country to make your products, save up to 60% on shipping by making products closer to your customers, and completely eliminate the need to lease more space, buy inventory, or purchase more equipment.

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Lone Birch saves 60% on shipping

"Without Distro, we’d be losing money on our west coast orders. Now, we can offer free shipping across the US and it adds 30% back to our margins."

Jarek Ostrowski, CEO Lone Birch

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The most cost effective way to scale production

Until now, scaling production hasn't exactly been cheap. Whether it's buying more inventory, expanding commercial space, or buying more equipment, you take on a lot of risk with your business when you grow.

With our unique distributed maker network, you not only get the benefits of reducing upfront costs, but you'll also save up to 60% on shipping by making products closer to your customers.

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We work with the best

We have a network of highly skilled makers with a proven track record to help make your products. We'll also add to our maker pool if you have additional capacity or location needs.


Put your production
on auto-pilot

After our makers make and pack your orders, they print shipping labels and request pickup to send them right to your customers. Our makers handle everything, giving you more time to grow your business and brand.

It feels like magic.

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