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The next best shipping software?

Is Distro the next best shipping software? We think so. With experience running Shopify and Etsy stores ourselves (part of why we built Distro), we know first-hand what you need to effectively run multiple stores. You need reliability, transparency, discounted rates, and organization. And that's what we're bringing with Distro, which we believe is the best shipping and order management software around.

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Sync your Etsy and Shopify orders

With our software, when you get new orders, they come right to Distro automatically. No more "manual" syncing! Rest easy knowing that when orders come into your stores, they'll come straight to your Distro dashboard.

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Sync your Etsy and Shopify products

Once you connect your stores, your products are imported too. We periodically check if you've made updates to those products to ensure everything is up to date in Distro. Again, rest easy knowing that when products are updated in Etsy or Shopify, they'll be up to date in Distro.

Not only that, but we have useful tools if you're working with third party manufacturers. Things like product documentation and auto-assign come in handy as you scale.

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Print UPS and USPS labels

Before printing labels, you get a clear price estimate before finalizing a purchase. Forget expensive retail labels, we offer the same kind of discounted shipping you get from the other guys!

If you're working with third-party manufacturers, after they print a label, they can schedule pickups FREE. Or, they can do a drop off, which also require them to upload a receipt so you can confirm the drop off.

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Order details and tracking packages

With our order page, you'll see timestamps from when the order was created to when it was shipped. You'll also get a glimpse of where your packages, whether they're in transit or delivered, you'll see where your orders are at every step in the process.

These are just a few reasons we believe we offer the best shipping software around. Start your 30 day free trial!

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