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What to Sell on Etsy

Unsure about what to sell on Etsy? Whether you're an experienced crafter or a newcomer, Etsy offers a diverse marketplace for everything from low-maintenance digital downloads and print-on-demand goods to unique handmade items and innovative build-on-demand products. This guide will help you discover the best fit for your skills and business model, each offering distinct advantages.

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1. Digital Goods

Start selling digital products on Etsy, such as art prints, eBooks, and digital planners. Benefit from low overhead costs and instant delivery to your customers.

Digital goods offer an excellent opportunity for artists and writers to monetize their skills with minimal start-up costs. Utilize platforms like Adobe Stock or Canva to create designs that can be sold repeatedly without additional effort.

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2. Print on Demand

Explore the seamless integration of print on demand for your Etsy shop. Sell customized apparel, accessories, and home decor without managing inventory or shipping.

The most popular service to use is Printful, but there are a number of services available who do this. All you need are a few designs and with a few clicks, you can start selling physical products in no time.

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3. Handmade Items

Create and sell unique handmade items on Etsy. From jewelry to home décor, handmade products are highly valued by customers looking for originality and quality.

Handcrafting products not only allows for creative expression but also attracts customers who appreciate the personal touch and story behind each item. Consider hosting live sessions or creating blog posts about your creation process to further engage your audience.

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